Services Overview

Desktop Repair

From soldering new capacitors on your motherboard, to creating a custom procedure on how to use your new software, we do it all. And once we've corrected the issue at hand, we often go a step further with our customers. We find out how you use your PC, and then make it better. There's always a better, easier way...

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Laptop Repair

Cracked screen, failing power jack, liquid spill, and hard drive failure were the top laptop repairs in 2013 at Oakley PC. Sound familiar? We have the experience to get you back up and running, no matter how many teeny-tiny screws are involved...

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Not everything is plug & play. Connecting devices in a way that works for you can be a daunting task. When you're fed up, call us and we'll help you do it right...

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Virus Removal

The thing that most puzzles our clients about adware, spyware, and viruses is: "Where did it come from?" And shortly after we explain that, comes the "Why???"... It's frustrating to not understand something that adversely affects your day. Let us put perspective on it -- and more importantly: Let us REMOVE the infections, REPAIR the damage, and RESTORE faith in your PC's security with a tried and true game plan...

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Office Equipment

Sometimes the easiest solution is to take the printer out to a field and "adjust" it with a bat. Don't have a bat? No worries -- the printer is probably fine anyways. Let us take a look and get your office equipment working WITH you, not against you...

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Other Services

Not everything needs its own picture. We threw that stuff in this box. Things like USB devices, photo management, and entertainment room configuration all fit in here. Come check it out!...

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about our services

All repair services come with an industry-leading guarantee:

  • Hardware repairs typically carry a 1-year hardware warranty and a 90-day 100% service cost guarantee.
  • Software/hardware configuration repairs carry a 30-day 100% and 90-day 50% service cost guarantee.
  • Virus, adware, malware, spyware, etc. removal services come with a 14-day 50% service cost guarantee.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Service guarantees are subject to change under some circumstances. Please ask a technician about the guarantee(s) for your repair -- call, text, or email: Contact Page

All services are performed by our certified computer technicians, either on-site or in our shop

On-site repairs are hourly-rate, billed in 15 minute increments with a one-hour minimum, unless otherwise stated. Call, text, or email for quotes for your area: Contact Page

In-shop repairs are flat-rate. We currently don't have a store-front, but instead offer free local pickup/drop-off service for repairs that cannot be completed on-site. Call, text, or email for quotes for your area: Contact Page

special offer

Free Wireless router

Receive a free, used, wireless router when you have Oakley PC set up your residential or small business network. Limited to stock on hand. Follow link for more details...

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