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Common laptop Services

Screen Replacement
Now that we have established the science behind GRAVITY, how about we stop testing the laws of physics with expensive electronics? The technicians at your friendly neighborhood Oakley computer repair headquarters have replaced screens from virtually every manufacturer and of every size. We do it right, and leave your computer looking new in no time.

Touch-screen, LED, 3D -- the first question we always ask is this: "Is the laptop WORTH the repairs?" Most basic screens are mass-produced and can be under $50, while others are rare and can be upwards of $150. If it's worth replacing the screen, we'll have it ready ASAP. But if the cost of repairs outweighs the value of the PC (for any problem) we are always the first ones to suggest NOT having it repaired, and instead suggest a data-transfer service to another system. While we do miss out on service costs, we gain much more in customer trust.

Keyboard Replacement
The saying around here is "the best way to clean a keyboard is to replace it." And it's true. Most laptop keyboards are around $30... CHEAP! Why live with that missing key? And to top it off, most can be pre-ordered, and installed on-site. You just sit back and watch the screws fly.

Battery Replacement
Nothing in this world lasts forever. Batteries slowly fade, and in as little as a couple of years a full charge might not last 30 minutes away from a power outlet. Why live with that? Like laptop keyboards, batteries are CHEAP. Normal capacity batteries average only $35.

Power Jack Replacement
If your laptop is plugged-in, you shouldn't move it. You definitely should NEVER transport a laptop without first removing the power cord. Any pushing or rocking of the power cord at the laptop's power jack can cause the contacts to loosen over time. A dead giveaway is having to pull the cord at an angle in order to get it to charge.

The good news is, we can always fix it! Some laptop power jacks are designed to be FRU's (field-replaceable units) and we can have you up and charging in no time.

If you don't think your laptop is worth the repairs and are worried about your data being stuck on a laptop that won't turn on, don't worry. We can remove your hard drive and transfer the data directly to another system and/or an external hard drive for one flat-rate.

On-Site Virus removal
The experienced technicians at Oakley PC have refined the process of removing even the most nasty of viruses, optimizing your computer, filling the security holes, and implementing a tried-and-true game plan to regain confidence in your PC -- usually within a single 1-hour visit.

We enlist a dozen cutting-edge software tools and combine them with our vast experience database and manual removal techniques to produce the most effective, liberating results. By the end of the service, you will understand why and how the intrusive software was on your system, and what to do and what not to do, to keep your system safely moving forward.

In-Shop Virus Removal and/or Tune-Up
This more thorough approach to a happier PC includes everything our on-site virus removal service offers, plus a slew of additional services geared towards maximizing the life and well-being of your PC. Really, it will be happier.

It starts with a complete de-dusting inside and out, and a full physical inspection of every capacitor and connection. Then once the hardware is clean and checked out, we perform deep virus/adware/malware scans and deep operating system cleaning/optimization/updating -- something that simply takes the computer too long to process with an on-site or remote service. In fact, the methods employed and the completeness of this service guarantees that your PC will be functioning faster and more reliably than the day you got it.

Anything Else We Missed?
It's impossible to list all the things we can do with a PC. Feel free to fill out a Service Request Form, taking advantage of our always-free email support (or direct-email to: For more immediate service, text or call 24x7 (925) 207-7718


All repair services come with an industry-leading guarantee:

  • Hardware repairs typically carry a 1-year hardware warranty and a 90-day 100% service cost guarantee.
  • Software/hardware configuration repairs carry a 30-day 100% and 90-day 50% service cost guarantee.
  • Virus, adware, malware, spyware, etc. removal services come with a 14-day 50% service cost guarantee.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Service guarantees are subject to change under some circumstances. Please ask a technician about the guarantee(s) for your repair -- call, text, or email: Contact Page

All services are performed by our certified computer technicians, either on-site or in our shop

On-site repairs are hourly-rate, billed in 15 minute increments with a one-hour minimum, unless otherwise stated. Call, text, or email for quotes for your area: Contact Page

In-shop repairs are flat-rate. We currently don't have a store-front, but instead offer free local pickup/drop-off service for repairs that cannot be completed on-site. Call, text, or email for quotes for your area: Contact Page

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