Other Consultation & Repair Services

Is there in any way a computer involved? Then yes, we do that. Some examples:

Data Backup
If you haven't backed up your data, you will lose it eventually. If you haven't backed up your data, you will lose it eventually [redundant backup copy, 'cause it's important to us]. If you think backing up your data is frustrating, slow, expensive, or confusing, you're living in the 1900's. Modern operating systems have built-in automatic backup software capable of backing up ALL your data, including programs and settings, AUTOMATICALLY. And to top it off, backup hard drives are under $100 for more space than the average user will ever need.

Have Oakley PC figure out the details; we have time-tested reliable backup configurations that suit every need. Laptops? CHECK. Internal backup solutions for desktops? CHECK. Multi-computer and network backup solutions? CHECK, and CHECK. Are your important files backed up? ...You'd better CHECK! Contact Page

Data Recovery
Didn't get the memo in time? If your hard drive is clicking, or your really old computer in the garage (the one with your special family pictures on it) won't even turn on, or even if another repair technician told you that your data is gone, we can help. In most cases we get back 100% of the files in-shop.

And for the hard drives that won't even spin up? We enlist the most trusted clean-room mad scientists around. We work hand in hand to get your data back as completely and quickly as possible. We're not just local Oakley computer repair technicians, we're data guardians of the night!... and day. At Oakley PC, data is always #1.

Custom PC Builds
Pre-built name brand PCs often have bells and whistles to try and "sell you" on. You might not need all the add-ons, but since they're included, the manufacturer undercuts the overall quality of the computer to meet a price point. Similarly, you may have gotten stuck in a computer that doesn't do what you need it to do, and often times can't be upgraded, leaving you disappointed.

Enter the art of custom building PCs.

Building a PC -- choosing every screw, and using hand-picked components that don't drain your wallet -- is immensely satisfying. Especially when it outperforms any like-priced prebuilt PC, and lasts years longer. Whether you're a gamer, photoshopper, video editor, or a multi-tasking TPS report-writing master of a cubical -- we can custom build a PC that'll make you proud.

Routers / Networks
Admittedly, routers and networks in general have come a long way, and are almost user friendly. Almost. Things can easily escalate to an all-out war, especially if you want to do something slightly 'cattywampus' from the fun-looking diagram on the router's box. Let us work out the port-forwarding, static-IP-setting, permission-granting, and security-setting, so you can stop pulling your hair out.

For businesses, networking properly is CRITICAL. Using reliable methods and reliable equipment, let Oakley PC liberate your data flow. All businesses have unique networking needs. Let us know what your end goals are, and we will respond with a free quote and detailed game-plan that minimizes your down-time maximizing your data functionality. Service Request Form

Photo Management
Most people don't realize that there's a program already installed on your computer that (a) only looks for pictures in your personal folders, (b) organizes them by date automatically, and (c) automatically adds keywords to each batch during initial transfer to your PC. Bonus (d): It even has face recognition and red-eye correction.... Fill out a form and we'll tell you what it is, link you to it, and give you instructions on getting started. Simple email consultations are always free! Contact Form

Printers & FAX machines
True, a typical new printer from the store on sale is ~$100, so why come to us with your printer woes? Well, if you just got home with the new $100 printer and the 3-step seemingly easy setup guide failed to get it working with your wireless laptops & tablets, you may need some help. We can get your printer working with every device and user on your network, the right way.

A popular printer service at Oakley PC is "Custom step-by-step procedure creation". We empower you with a fancy-shmancy, hard-copy PROCEDURE on how to scan a picture or document from that crazy machine right onto your computer into a specific folder. The procedure will have pictures guiding your every click. Created on-site in no time, you get professional looking procedures, suitable even for business customers. Things like printing, scanning, or faxing become simple tasks -- once and for all.

Entertainment Configuration
Plug a computer into a TV and what do you get? Answer: Your computer, on a TV screen! Things like Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, or even a simple slide show of your own pictures are fun to share with all on the big screen from the comfort of your couch via a wireless track-pad/keyboard combo.

Attention Gamers: Think about this -- every cool home entertainment technology was first readily available on a PC. Surround-sound, HD, even 3D. Our shop even has a pair of 3D shutter glasses from the year 2000... Many of the newest games still have PC versions; and side-by-side, the same game always looks WAY better running on PC hardware. You can eliminate page tearing with vertical sync, jaggy lines with anti-aliasing, and sharpen textures throughout the game's environment with anisotropic filtering... All those eye-candy features coupled with the latest 3D rendering effects will blow your socks off on your living room TV and surround-sound system!

USB Devices
And last but not least is a word about USB devices. No, we don't usually do too much repair work on USB devices -- simply because the cost of having someone fix it outweighs the value of the device. We do however, want our customers to make educated decisions about their purchases. So we offer consultation services for anything and everything you could plug into a PC.

Example: a simple mouse purchase. The average office worker spends 7 hours a day on the computer. That's 1,820 hours per year you will be holding that new rodent friend of yours. Are you sure it's worthy? A quick email to Oakley PC will reveal that there are some really, really comfortable mice out there. Some are even dimensionally-adjustable and have programmable macro buttons that can save you countless clicks! Email consultations are always free, and just might change life as you know it. Contact Form

Anything Else We Missed?
It's impossible to list all the things we can do with a PC. Feel free to fill out a Service Request Form, taking advantage of our always-free email support (or direct-email to: info@OakleyPC.com). For more immediate service, text or call 24x7 (925) 207-7718


All repair services come with an industry-leading guarantee:

  • Hardware repairs typically carry a 1-year hardware warranty and a 90-day 100% service cost guarantee.
  • Software/hardware configuration repairs carry a 30-day 100% and 90-day 50% service cost guarantee.
  • Virus, adware, malware, spyware, etc. removal services come with a 14-day 50% service cost guarantee.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Service guarantees are subject to change under some circumstances. Please ask a technician about the guarantee(s) for your repair -- call, text, or email: Contact Page

All services are performed by our certified computer technicians, either on-site or in our shop

On-site repairs are hourly-rate, billed in 15 minute increments with a one-hour minimum, unless otherwise stated. Call, text, or email for quotes for your area: Contact Page

In-shop repairs are flat-rate. We currently don't have a store-front, but instead offer free local pickup/drop-off service for repairs that cannot be completed on-site. Call, text, or email for quotes for your area: Contact Page

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